Psychotherapy can serve as an entry point to a new way of valued living and experiencing life - I warmly congratulate you on considering this first step. My work is behavioral and contextual. That is, we are all the product of our environment, history, our family, as well as our relationships, loves, and what we find meaningful in our day-to-day life. I primarily work with individuals, though I have some experience working with children and families, and I have specific expertise in behavioral medicine. Behavioral medicine, or health psychology, is a lot like coaching, with a focus on helping you connect with tools you already possess to live the healthy balanced life you desire. I also have experience treating depression and anxiety, and working with individuals to better manage chronic pain, chronic illness, or grief following the loss of a loved one. I practice science-based psychotherapy, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and acceptance-based approaches.

My office is located on Castro St. in the heart of the historic Castro neighborhood, approximately 1 1/2 blocks from the Castro Muni Station. For more information, please email me at matthew@drmatthewskinta.com